My Story for Marc O'Polo

Actress Chloe Leenheer spends a lot of time in front of the camera, but being behind the lens is what truly sparks her creative side. Creativity is a big part of her daily life—besides photography and acting, she has a huge passion for art and fashion!

Chloe, what are you all about?
I think I was born with this creative flair, or maybe it was something in the stars. It’s been amazing to find so much love in so many different ways. I believe it’s important to listen to your heart and follow your dreams. Though this is not always easy, doing the things you love can give you so much energy and inner peace. For me, it means having new ideas and strength to discover new things. Let’s call it the power of art!!
Well, tell us something about art!!
It is cool for everybody! I get really excited when I see a wonderful piece of art or when I’ve created something by myself. Art teaches us how to look at life from different perspectives. It teaches us so much about our history, society and how to express ourselves. Art is present in so many different forms!
Why do you love photography?
Believe it or not, when i’m behind the lens, I see the world completely differently. It takes me to places I have never been. For example, when I’m shooting my best friend I see so much more than meets the eye. Sometimes we move so fast that we never notice the beauty in people around us. When you become addicted to photography, you live your life in search of new and inspiring things. You begin to see in a new light, which is why I’m so passionate about it
Tell us your favorite things about Amsterdam and your ultimate getaway location.
We have a great house! It’s so nice to have the space to do what we love—taking photos, making music or drawing pictures. I often wake up early and get a coffee before heading to a flea market with my best friend. There’s always something unique and beautiful around the corner! I love Amsterdam—the canals are pretty cool in the summer, and we’ve got great vintage boutiques and good food. But as much as I love it, I always feel like traveling. My favorite place is Barcelona—I’ve seriously fallen in love with the atmosphere and the architecture!
And fashion. How would you describe your personal style?
Fashion helps us show who we are. It’s so funny to see how clothes can make you a totally different person in film or theatre. Usually, I have bad luck and look like a complete fashion disaster on screen—haha! I would say my style is very eclectic, so I own a variety of different pieces. I take ideas from here and there. I love beautiful materials and get inspired by things around me. That’s how I create my own style.

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